Wall Street

ICO Details

Company Name
: Wall Street Coin

Country of Origin: United Arab Emirates

Industry: Finance or Marketplace

Short Description: Decentralized Stock Exchange Market on Blockchain

Long Description: The idea behind Wall Street Coin is to offer a Peer-to-Peer Blockchain-based Stock selling and investing platform open to everyone. The platform will be based on Blockchain technology and Smart Contracts, functioning as a Decentralized Stock Trading Platform. To ensure correct stock shares evaluating, avoid fraudulent stock sales and other potential threats to investors, every company listed for public stock sale on our platform will undergo a background check by a team of financial experts. The current Stock Exchanges are all based upon centralized platforms. Counter to that, Wall Street Coin Platform will be based on Ethereum Blockchain technology, offering full transparency and all-time log of all the trades ever done within the platform. WSC platform will organize and systemize the stock market, bringing stability and identity verification, transparency, security and trust to a traditionally insecure stock market.

Links & Social Media

Website URL

Whitepaper URLhttps://www.wscoin.io/uploads/whitepaper.pdf

Blog / Medium URLhttps://medium.com/@wallstreetcoin/

Facebook URLhttps://facebook.com/WallStreetCoinOfficial

Twitter URLhttps://twitter.com/WallStreetICO

Youtube Video URLhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3i1JWR2clhw

Telegram URLhttps://t.me/wscgram

Token Sale Details

Token Name
: Wall Street Coin

Token Symbol: WSC

Pre ICO Start Date : 03/28/2018

Pre ICO End Date04/25/2018

ICO Start Date04/25/2018

ICO End Date06/20/2018

Total Token Supply: 84,000,000

Token Allocation for Crowdsale: 70,000,000