ICO Details

Project name: SMARTGOLD

Token name: STG

Used blockchain: UNIVERSA

One line catch phrase: INVEST IN GOLD

Concept description:  Our project offers a simple process of involving the blockchain in the real economy. The core economic idea: traditional risks of exploration and production of gold are exchanged for risks of volatility of cryptocurrencies and tokens (insecurity with valuable liquid assets and protection from inflation). The release of tokens is secured by a contract for the supply of goods. Fixing the risks ratio occurs in the price of the purchase of goods in the form of a discount from the market price and is fixed in a unit of physical mass. The commodity of the contract is gold, which is a universal measure of values.

Incorporated company`s country: Tanzania

Website link:


Mentor- Kirsan Ilyumzhinov


Alexandr Borodich

Zairi Namik

Willy Konyshev

Dr. Petr Matejcek

CEO of SmartGold - Arlen Djienbekov
Chief geologist - Sergey Bochkayev
Chief technologist- Konstantin Mashchenko
Geologist - Dzhangr Bochkayev
Programmer -  Medet Aliyev
Head of IT Department - Victor Joseph Peter
Executive director “BaileyTradingLP” - Pavel Esinov
Head of PR Department -  Ekaterina Uladzhaeva a
Mining engineer of the project -  Andrew Buluba
SMM manager-  Altynai Kosherbek
Designer -  Kiril Makarenko

The name of your legal counsellor or law firm :  Rashid Yangulov

Token sale start: 25.01.2018

Token sale end: 25.03.2018

Total supply of token: 1 000 000 SGT

ICO price of token: 18 USD


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