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Company Name: Sapien

Country of Origin: USA

Industry: Social News Platform

Sapien is a Web 3.0 Social News Platform that will reward millions of content creators, fight fake news & share ad revenue with its users.

Sapien is a highly customizable, democratized social news platform capable of rewarding millions of content creators and curators without any centralized intermediaries. Sapien is powered by an ERC20 compliant cryptocurrency called SPN. The Sapien network will rapidly evolve to include a marketplace, various integrations, and third-party applications.

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  Token Sale Details


Token Name Sapien

Token Symbol SPN

Pre ICO Start Date : 01/31/2018

Pre ICO End Date : 02/15/2018

ICO Start Date : 03/05/2018

ICO End Date : 04/05/2018

Total Token Supply 500,000,000

Token Allocation for Crowdsale 225,000,000

Blockchain Technology ERC20

Accepted Contribution Methods ETH (presale and crowdsale), BTC, altcoins (latter two will be available in the crowdsale)


Team Members & Advisors with Social links


Ankit Bhatia

Co-founder & CEO

Studied electrical engineering and computer science at UC Berkeley. Designed, developed, and pioneered the Sapien platform during his junior year. Full stack JavaScript engineer who enjoys bringing great ideas to life. Crypto enthusiast and investor since 2013. YCombinator SUS’17 graduate.

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Robert Giometti

Co-founder & CPO

Studied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering & Computer Science at UC Berkeley. Spearheaded and developed many of the features, algorithms, and innovations in Sapien. Theorist who understands how modern technologies will transform future societies. YCombinator SUS’17 graduate.

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Matias Dorta

Head of Marketing

Studied political science and marketing at American University and Florida International University. Previously Director of Marketing @ Bardot, The Loft at Space, More or Less, and PromotionalPartySticks. com. Founder of ICO Informer and Crypto swag.

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Christopher Lee

Head of PR

Currently working as Director of Marketing for a growing IT company. Specialist in digital lead generation. Passionate about marketing strategy and new marketing technologies and platforms. Crypto enthusiast and investor since 2015 and believes the surface of Blockchain technology has barely been scratched.

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Andy Boot

Head of Operations, Europe

Co-founded a Blockchain start-up in 2014, Cointemporary–the first Bitcoin gallery. Studied Communication Design and Fine Arts. Blockchain enthusiast with a UX/UI Design background, particularly interested in user experience for the Blockchain sphere.

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Aurelien Nicolas


Product security expert, with experience in web, distributed systems, and crypto. White hat hacker. CTO of an AI-for-enterprise startup. Researching applications of cryptography and computation integrity.

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Oliver Dinsmore

Content Strategy

Digital marketer, writer, and content creator with over 15 years of experience spreading the e-love. Created 6000 pieces of content and worked with over 20 global brands to provide creative solutions in marketing and advertising. Founder of the

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Contact Information

Contact Name Christopher Lee

Your Email [email protected]

Phone Number 631.606.2448