Royal Capital Fund

Country: Russia

ROYAL CAPITAL FUND – is a tokenized investment fund based on blockchain.

ROYAL CAPITAL FUND – is a tokenized investment fund based on blockchain. We struggle to create global high-technology financial corporation, and standardize tokens as a new type of financial instrument on financial market.

Our aim is making capital market available for private investors worldwide; that would allow them dealing with investment projects, which they couldn’t access before as they are neither large investment groups, nor institutional investors.

​ROYAL CAPITAL FUND uses a new investment fund model based on blockchain system. The blockchain system makes from the closed-end investment market an open-end one. The new investment form makes the investment market decentralized; the capital is no longer concentrated with a limited number of people. Flexible management system, with the use of blockchain, gives an opportunity to invest in the fund to an unlimited range of people without minimal capital requirement, moreover, you don’t need to wait the end of the project implementation period, you can sell tokens to another investor any time.

​Main activities of ROYAL CAPITAL FUND have realization via controlled specialized funds of direct investment. Each fund has its own tokens, what leads to effective management, risk diversification, and attracts additional investment for certain activities.


Pre-ICO 22/01/18 - 05/02/18

ICO 19/02/18 - 19/03/18

1 000 000 000

400 000 000


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