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Project name: COTI

A digital currency built for payments.

Token name and ticker symbol: COTI

COTI is a FinTech company that has developed a base protocol, known as the Trustchain™, which aims to address technical challenges plaguing other existing cryptocurrencies and limiting their mass adoption as means of payment. It includes consumer wallets, merchant processing tools and a digital currency exchange facility.

The consumer-merchants payments industry is estimated to be a two trillion USD market however, it has been monopolised by Visa and MasterCard for the past 40 years. Nowadays, each transaction goes through 6-8 middlemen, each collecting a fee and potentially being a point of failure.
COTI aims to address such shortcomings by combining the best of traditional payment methods with the best of traditional currencies. COTI network users can expect low-to-zero fees, full buyer-seller protections, a robust Trust Scoring Engine and decentralised Mediation System.

COTI’s team includes top management and R&D talent, veterans of the financial industry and blockchain experts. Our team includes Steven Heilbron (former CEO of Investec Bank UK), Dr. Matthew McBrady (former CIO of Blackrock), the founders of and early investors in Twitter, Square, Coinbase, Ripple.

How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects:

COTI is a payments transaction network supported by a native digital currency. By combining the best of traditional payments with the best of distributed ledger technology, COTI aims to set the standard for how payments should work in the digital currency era.

Incorporated company’s country: Gilbartar


Token SaleInformation

Public token sale start date: 15/06/2018

Public token sale end date: 01/07/2018

*Private sale ongoing since February 2018

Total supply: 2,000,000,000 COTI

ICO price of token: Maximum price of 0.1 USD


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*Name: Shahaf Bar-Geffen, CEO


*Name: Tal Dadia, Research Engineering


*Name: Erol Hallufgil, Research & Software Engineering


*Name: Yoni Neeman, Software Engineering

Linkedin: *

Name: Anton Suslonov, Data Science


*Name: Eyal Wagner, Legal and Compliance


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